"...the best platform
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- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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Peter J. Daniels

Author | Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Teacher


Peter J. Daniels is a well-known and respected Australian Christian international business statesman of substance.

He came from a disadvantaged background, and his early years were plagued by illiteracy and ignorance. He came to Christ on May 25, 1959, at a Billy Graham Crusade in Adelaide, South Australia. In spite of numerous disadvantages, he built a large real estate business in Australia, with Southeast Asian connections. He has served on international boards covering the four corners of the globe and has been deeply involved in Christian outreach throughout the world for more than 46 years. He has conducted free of charge over 1,000 seminars in churches in many parts of the world.

"...the best platform speaker in the world."Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Peter and Robina Daniels promote Christian family values. They have three children, eight grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Peter Daniels has authored over twenty books and authored numerous business education programs that are distributed worldwide in many languages. He has been honored by universities, institutions, and governments, for his entrepreneurial ability and benevolence and has served on International Boards with some of the world's greatest intellectual, business, academic, religious, and corporate giants of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Today, Mr. Daniels undertakes private consultancy and is passionately dedicated to his latest project “The Gabriel Call”.

Biography Continued...

Historical Events & Involvements

  • Became a Christian (1959)
  • Built the largest Christian Endeavour Youth Group in Australia (1963)
  • Commenced real estate career (1967)
  • Decisive legal win for moral decency and community values (1971)
  • Director, Peter J Daniels Real Estate (1972)
  • Personally sponsored and created a significant evangelistic Christian Outreach Program (1976)
  • Chairman of the Board, Youth for Christ Australia (1976-1991)
  • Board Member and International Director, Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership (1977-1991)
  • World Treasurer, Youth for Christ International (1980-1991)
  • International Director, Robert Schuller Ministries - “Hour of Power” (1980-1999)
  • Director, International Corporate Holdings (1981-2001)
  • President and Founder, World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (1984)
  • Created personal tutorial program on business (1988)
  • Completed authorship of ten books (1989)
  • International Director Worldwide Leadership Council (1993-1999)
  • Chairman, Australia Fair - Strategic Intelligence & Bullion Company (1999)
  • Board of Counsel to Anglo Far-East Bullion Company (2001)
  • Chairman of WCES Foundation (2004)
  • Founder and Co-chairman of The Gabriel Call (2005)
  • Chairman of the Board of Counsel Dan El Private Estates (2006)
  • Conducted over one thousand business seminars in Christian churches globally over last 30 years (2014)

Honors Received

  • Lieutenant Colonel, Aide de Camp, Governor's Staff by Governor George Busbee in the State of Georgia – January 14, 1975
  • Kentucky Colonel Commission by Julian M. Carroll, Governor on behalf of the Commonwealth of Kentucky - August 25, 1986
  • Honorary Citizen of the City of Austin Texas by Frank C. Cooksey, Mayor - February 23, 1987
  • Honorary Citizen of the City of Winnnipeg Manitoba Canada by William Norrie Q.C., Mayor's Office - October 5, 1987
  • Proclamation of Appreciation City of Euclid, Ohio by David M. Lynch, Mayor - April 20, 1988
  • Honorary Ambassador of World Expo 88 Australia by Sir Llewellyn Edward, Chairman of the Board, – 1988
  • Ambassador to Republic of Ciskei by his Excellency, President Dr. Lennox L. Sebe – May 1989
  • Doctor of Humanities by President Gene Moore Jn., March of Faith Bible Institute, Houston, Texas - December 6, 1992
  • Ambassador for Life Youth for Christ International by James Groen, President – 1995
  • Doctor of Letters by President Robert Roberts of Oral Roberts' University, Tulsa Oklahoma - May 6, 1995
  • Proclamation of Appreciation the State of Texas by Rick Green, State Representative, - August 5, 2003
  • Honorary Doctor of Sacred Letters by Dr. Fabienne N.Smith, President of Jacksonville Theological Seminary - February 7, 2006
  • Doctor of Christian Philosophy in Business by Dr. Robb Thompson, President of the International College of Excellence, Tampa, Florida - September 5, 2007
  • Master of Christian Leadership by Dr. Robb Thompson, President of the International College of Excellence - September 5, 2007
  • Doctor of Humane Letters by President Gene Moore Sr. of the March of Faith School of Ministry, Texas - April 20, 2008
  • Life Achievement Award by Johnathan S. Raymond, President of Trinity Western University Canada, on behalf of the Centre of Entrepreneurial Leaders - October 22, 2010

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Private One Day Consultancy


2 & 4 Day Seminars

These seminars are underwritten by the World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies Foundation, and are free of charge to Churches worldwide.

For more information and resources on the seminars, please use the documents below. PDF's include a program format, biography, letters of recommendation, and more.

2 Day Seminar

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4 Day Seminar

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If you would like to host a 2 or 4 day seminar with Peter J. Daniels, please contact peterjdaniels@peterjdaniels.com


Private Consultancy

A Day With Peter J. Daniels

Peter Daniels and his son Graham jointly conduct private consultancy on a commercial basis to individuals, business associates and families.

This is a "one on one" full day consultancy on business & lifestyle strategy, running from 9:30am until 4:30pm. This private consultancy operates in a boardroom setting and is usually conducted in Peter's birth city of Adelaide, South Australia.

What others are saying...

“I had the opportunity to meet with Peter Daniels and his son Graham…. At the time of the meeting I had a number of properties, all encumbered. I am pleased to announce, as from 2 weeks ago I am completely debt free… I am now yielding significant profits and rewards in multiple businesses. I am so thankful to God for the advice I received in that meeting in Adelaide…”Neal B - Australia

"Meeting with Mr. Daniels and Graham Daniels was one of best investments that I have done in my life. Thank you for all the insights.... look forward to meeting up again in the near future. Thank You!"David K. - USA

“...to personally consult with you... has been one of the most exciting moments in my business....by far the most relevant training I have ever received.... my expectations were far exceeded... by applying the wisdom that you and your son Graham Daniels shared with us, I found my growth to be exponential! I cannot thank you enough for the time that you spent to teach, inspire and show by example what it takes to succeed in different areas of life... Our business endeavors will never be the same.”Rene F. - MEXICO

"After my consultation with both Mr. Peter J. Daniels and Graham Daniels, I was asked why I traveled 20,000 miles for 2.5 days; endured numerous snow storms and flight cancellations for a one (1) full day consultation. My response was and is still very simple, because in the last 10+ years of searching, I could not find anyone in the U.S or elsewhere that can provide me a debt-free philosophy with strong biblical, financial and practical solutions for my current business questions that has and can produce real and tangible results in my life; except for these gentlemen. The consultation has not only established a stronger foundation in my relationship with Christ, my personal life, my family and my businesses; in a very short period of time it has also accelerated my progress, simplified my structures (while honoring the LORD and the law), provided peace through this simplicity, and helped me finalize a custom-made life and financial plan for me and my family for generations to come."Jeff S. - USA

“...the opportunity arose, to have a personal interview in Adelaide, with Mr. Daniels and his son Graham.... I took the whole family for a full day, round table discussion and the ongoing benefit was deep and still being realised.”Stephen M. - AUSTRALIA

“It was a privilege for me to meet you in person in Australia at the one day consultancy and have an opportunity to learn from you.”Sergey M. – USA

For further details or to request a consultancy appointment, please email Peter Daniels at PeterJDaniels@PeterJDaniels.com.


Biography Continued...

While coming from a poor dysfunctional family background and suffering from ill health and dyslexia he never passed one grade at school. However, from this humble beginning he developed a deep faith in God and confounded the skeptics.

Happily married to Robina, he enjoys the love, friendship and support of a very close knit family with three children and eight grandchildren.

The mass media at times has called him an 'adrenalin charged salesman,' a ‘religious nut’ and a ‘battle scarred champion’ of a dozen crusades.

The business community has said of him ‘he could motivate an Egyptian mummy to walk’ and yet others call him an ‘International Business Statesman’. Church leaders refer to him as a missionary to the business world and a merchant of hope, and speak widely of his generosity.

Books, magazines and newspapers print stories about his life, which are often featured on radio and television talk show and news reports. Schools and students throughout the world write essays about his life, his humble beginnings and his determination to succeed in whatever task he has before him. One newspaper said “he expects everything to be done yesterday and has an uncanny way of making sure that it is”.

He has received honors from universities, theological colleges, governments, business and humanitarian organizations from around the world.

Thousands flock to hear him speak wherever he travels across the globe and his books sell at a frantic pace. One of his presentation recordings on the subject of encouragement is attributed to have sold over one million copies.

He is a genius at creating simple business formulas to solve difficult problems and has spoken to more live audiences throughout the world than any other Australian.

The rise and rise of Peter J Daniels was painfully slow commencing fulltime menial work at thirteen years of age until he became a bricklayer and stonemason working piecework sometimes from 6am to 8pm seven days a week. The turning point in Peter's life was when he became a born again Christian at a Billy Graham Crusade on May the 25th 1959 in South Australia. Not long after that event, he believed that God had given him two dreams. The first was to see how much money one human being could give away in their lifetime and the second, was to change the world for 300 years. In pursuit of these dreams he purchased three dictionaries to understand words, and practiced pronunciation and speech by listening to British broadcasters on radio who in those early days spoke impeccable English. Without a tutor or mentor he studied economics, politics, modern and ancient history, theology, law, philosophy and business.

He soon discovered that the mind was like a muscle and could be developed, and has now personally read over 5,000 biographies. Although he failed three times in business he never went bankrupt but persevered and met his commitments. For nearly two decades he built a thriving business in real estate in Australia with South-East Asian connections and finally sold out to follow other business pursuits.

In 1984 he launched his first book that was the catalyst of the World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, which today, with a no debt philosophy, is one of the largest suppliers of Christian business education programs and books in the world.

For further details or to request a consultancy appointment, please email Peter Daniels at PeterJDaniels@PeterJDaniels.com.


Venue Requirements

If you are hosting Peter J. Daniels for a seminar, please take note of the following:


  • Hotel close to restaurants and function centre where Mr. Daniels will be speaking
  • Standard non-smoking room with king size bed (not a suite)
  • Hotel Room on a lower floor

Function Centre

  • Wide podium (well illuminated) with side table
  • Hands free lapel microphone
  • Two large white boards on the stage with 2 thick markers and an eraser
  • 2 microphones on stands near the front of the stage (but in the audience) for audience questions
  • Large table for book display and sales at back of auditorium

For further details, please email Peter Daniels at PeterJDaniels@PeterJDaniels.com.